Auditing, Assessing, Planning & Implementing your water supply & Wastewater Management Systems.

Water And Wastewater Africa offer specialised consultation with turn-key solutions. Because we have our own in-house water laboratory, turnaround time is fast and effective.

Let us assist you with your existing system, taking it step-by-step within your budget, to the final product - a sustainable water supply and/or wastewater management system that meets regulatory requirements, improves human health, and contributes to

a green environment.

Our Turn-key Solutions:

  • Sewage & Greywater Treatment

  • Water Treatment

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment

  • Fat, Oil, & Grease Removal


We offer onsite and online CPD-accredited workshops for professional engineers, scientists and process controllers, or any other interested persons or orginisations.


Courses are standard or customised to fit your specific training needs.